Top 10 Cattle Feed Manufacturers In India

Top 10 Cattle Feed Manufacturers In India

Theyp 10 Cattle Feed Manufacturers In India – Welcome to the realm of equine nutrition, where each graze, chew, and moo is crucial to maintaining strong, healthy cattle. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of high-quality cow feed in India’s extensive agricultural landscape, which is home to a wide variety of animals. Today, we set out on a quest to find the top 10 Cattle feed manufacturers in India who have transformed the Indian livestock business, one that will take us through lush fields and busy factories.

Picture a well-fed herd, a dairy farm that is flourishing, and strong beasts of burden all of which owe their health and vigor to the superior cattle feed. Our journey will take us to meet the real magicians behind this achievement—the brilliant manufacturers who combine science and invention to create the ideal formula for bovine wellness. These businesses have perfected the art of changing grains, proteins, and minerals into a symphony of nutrition that powers India’s bovine powerhouses, from cutting-edge research labs to cutting-edge production facilities.

Cattle Feed Market Stats

India is the world’s largest cow feed market, followed by China. The market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 8.2% between 2022 and 2028. The industry is expanding as a result of rising global demand for meat and dairy products as well as rising levels of industrial livestock farming in India. Purina Animal Nutrition, Cargill, Godrej Agrovet, and Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd are the leading companies in the market (IFFCO).

Roughage, concentrate feed, and compound feed are the three primary types of cow feed in India. Compound feed, which is a combination of grains, protein, vitamins, and minerals, represents the most common type of feed. The cow feeds business considerably boosts the GDP of India, with the industry earning INR 956.7 billion (USD 13.8 billion) in sales in 2022. Projections indicate that by 2028, the industry will generate INR 1,578.2 billion (USD 22.3 billion) in revenue. The livestock feed sector in India employs almost 10 million people.

India’s cattle feed sector is dealing with issues like increased raw material costs, a lack of competent personnel, and competition from foreign feed. The expanding demand for meat and dairy products, the expansion of commercial livestock production, and government backing for the growth of the livestock industry are all providing prospects for the industry.

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Top 10 Cattle Feed Manufacturer In India

Here are the top 10 Cattle Feed manufacturers in India:

1.) Maa Luxmi Devi Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Cattle feed is produced by Maa Luxmi Devi Agro Pvt. Ltd. in Nanhera, Punjab, India. The business was established in 2015, and its staff of skilled experts is dedicated to offering top-notch feed items. A variety of cattle feed products are available from Maa Luxmi Devi Agro Pvt. Ltd., including Brahmi Hi Gold 8000 Cattle Feed, Brahmi Buff Power Cattle Feed, Brahmi Calf Starter Premium 25 Kg, Brahmi Heifer Meal Pellet, Brahmi Panjiri 60 Cattle Feed, Brahmi Special Cattle Feed, Brahmi Hi Gold 5000 Cattle Feed, Brahmi 365 Cattle Fee.

Maa Luxmi Devi Agro Pvt. Ltd. Google Reviews-

Cattle Feed Manufacturing there. Review by Brajesh Kumar

Address Details: FP73+3J8, Nanhera, Punjab, India

2.) Live Stock Solution Pvt. Ltd

Livestock Solutions Private Limited, a producer of cattle feed, operates in Rajpura, Punjab, India. The Anmol Group, an “A” Class Business in the Poultry Feed industry, owns Livestock Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Livestock Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides various types of cattle feed, including cattle feed, buff feed, and milking cattle feed. The business earns renown for its great emphasis on product quality and moral business conduct. Livestock Solutions Pvt. Ltd. excels in meeting client’s needs precisely and according to their specifications.

Live Stock Solution Pvt. Ltd Google Reviews-

best company for manufacture feed. Review by Viku Maratha

Address Details: Vill Bhurimajra Near Shambhu Kalan, Old Ambala Rd, Rajpura, Punjab, India

3.) Meera Cattle Feed

In Sirhind-Fategarh, Punjab, Meera Cattle Feed produces cattle feed. SS Enterprises established the business more than 20 years ago in the year 2000. Meera Cattle Feed manufactures a range of products including starter feed, grower feed, and finishing feed. The company creates high-quality ingredients specifically designed to provide cattle with the nutrition they need for optimum health and growth. Known for producing high-quality feed products, Meera Cattle Feed is a reputable name among Punjabi cattle breeders.

Meera Cattle Feed Google Reviews-

Very superior quality. Best life cycle feed in Punjab.I used Meera claff starter my claff weight growned above 100 kg in 3 months. Review by SANDEEP KUMAR

Address Details: Near Todar Mall Gate, Bye Pass Road, Meera Chowk, Sirhind, Punjab, India

4.) Virsa Cattle Feed

Virsa Cow Feed, a producer of cattle feed, is located in Dhuri, Punjab, India. They offer a range of cattle feed items, including Virsa Balanced Cattle Feed, Organic Cattle Feed Pellet for Improved Milking, Banana Flavour Cattle Feed, and Mega Star Calf Starter. The company aims to provide cattle with adequate nutrition. The website of Virsa Cow Feed showcases an image gallery. On YouTube, you can find a company film advertising Virsa Milk in Jalandhar City, Punjab.

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Virsa Cattle Feed Google Reviews-

Very good results 6000 virsa cattle. Review by Dhuri 5911

Address Details: Barnala Rd, Dhuri, Punjab, India


Jeet Rai & Sons, based in Khanna, Punjab, India, produces cow feed. The business has been running for more than 38 years since its establishment in 1983. This reputable and well-known business produces a wide variety of cattle feed goods, including Cattle Feed, Animal Feed Mash, Cattle Feed Cake, and more. Jeet Rai & Sons is a partnership kind of company whose primary line of business is manufacturing in factories. The business has amassed enormous competence in the selling and provision of cattle feed supplies. Jeet Rai & Sons grew their enterprise and began producing a wide array of cow feed products in the year 2000.

JEET RAI & SONS Google Reviews-

best quality cattle feed for high yeild cows and baffalows .8000 Paras brand too mouch better. Review by Paramjit Singh

Address Details: D13 focal point, Khanna, Punjab, India

6.) Vetco India

Vetco India is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of food additives and grading products. The company has its headquarters in India and has factories there as well as in other nations. It also has a strong distribution network in India, which includes a sizable number of distributors. Vegetable oil, sunflower oil, palm olein, soybean oil, mixed vegetable oil containing groundnut oil, edible fatty acids such as esterified stearin acid and hydrogenated, etc. are among the company’s products. Other edible waxes include carnauba waxes and glycerol monostearate, which are used in chocolate coatings.

Vetco India Google Reviews-

They made high quality animal feed. Review by paras kumar

Address Details: B No. 641, Block 20, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

7.) Deheus India Pvt. Ltd.

One of the top animal nutrition businesses in the world, De Heus Animal Nutrition, a Dutch corporation, has a subsidiary called De Heus India Pvt. Ltd. De Heus India was founded in 2006, and Gurugram, Haryana, serves as the country’s administrative center. Almost 1,000 employees work for the enterprise, which has a network of feed mills and sales offices all over India. De Heus India offers swine, poultry, dairy, and aquaculture animal nutrition products. Feed concentrates, premixes, and additives are just a few of the company’s many products. Farmers and other participants in the animal feed sector can also get technical assistance from De Heus India.

Deheus India Pvt. Ltd. Google Reviews-

Very good quality product Great & nice staff. Review by Rajender Nain

Address Details: Gaddo Majra Rd, Pahar Kalan, Punjab, India

8.) Mangla feed industries

At Malerkotla, Punjab, India, there is a company called Mangla Feed Industries that produces cattle feed. The business was founded in the year 2003. Mangla Feed Industries’ goal is to provide top-notch goods with an emphasis on the efficient, innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production of animal feeds. Mangla Feed Industries produces and distributes a range of cattle feed and oil cake products. Manufacturing and supplying a variety of cattle feed and oil cake products has made Mangla Feed Industries a highly well-known company in the market. The business adds energy components to its cow feed products, including flour, minerals, bran, molasses, grains, salt, and vitamin mixes.

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Mangla feed industries Google Reviews-

Quality Products Best Company in India. Review by mintu k

Address Details: Raikot Rd, Bir Ahmedabad, Malerkotla, Punjab, India

9.) Bharat Industries

In 1993, Bharat Industries established itself as a sole proprietorship company in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, engaging in the production of an extensive range of high-quality goods. We hold a prominent position as one of the leading producers in the market, offering a diverse line of products such as Cattle Feed Products, including Milk Feed Premix, Milk Feed Dudharu, Milk Feed Super Pellet, Milk Feed Super Mesh, Balanced Cattle Feed, Feed for Dairy Animals, Nutritional Feed for Cattle, Milk Feed Pellet, and Milk Feed Mesh, all sold under the brand name “Milk Feed”.Our products enjoy significant demand in the market due to their exceptional qualities and characteristics.

Bharat Industries Google Reviews-

Good company hardware staff. Review by rahul pandit

Address Details: 111, B. S. Road, Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

10.) Kanchan & Leader Cattle Feed

In Punjab, India, there is a feed company called Kanchan & Leader Cow Feed. Mr. Sukhdev Singh and Mr. Gurdev Singh founded it in 1992. The business manufactures a variety of cow feed products, including grain-based feeds, concentrate feeds, and mineral mixes, in a cutting-edge production plant. A significant provider of cattle feed in Punjab, Kanchan & Leader Cattle Feed has a sizable clientele of dairy farmers, poultry farmers, and other owners of livestock. The company’s goal is to supply wholesome feed products of the highest caliber that aid in enhancing the well-being and productivity of cattle. Only the best ingredients will be used in the creation of Kanchan & Leader Cattle Feed’s products, which will also be produced in a clean and safe atmosphere.

Kanchan & Leader Cattle Feed Google Reviews-

Best cattle feed in India….. genuine price and top quality. Review by Nishant Sharma

Address Details: Vill.Kala Majra Opp. Khatu Shyam temple Samrala Road, Khanna, Khanna, Punjab, India


There are several excellent cow feed producers to pick from in India. When selecting a cow feed manufacturer, you should take into account the requirements of your animals, your financial situation, and the accessibility of the feed in your region. To suit the requirements of all kinds of animals, these producers provide a range of cow feed items. Also, they have a solid reputation for product quality and client care. You are sure to find the ideal cattle feed for your animals with the great selections that are available.