Cattle Feed Price List

Cattle Feed Price List

Cattle Feed Price List – When it comes to raising healthy and productive cattle, providing them with the right fodder is an essential aspect. It ensures that they receive the necessary nutrients to thrive. The cost of cow feed can be influenced by various factors, including the specific type of feed, the brand you choose, and even your geographical location. If you’re looking to save money on cow feed, one effective strategy is to compare prices from different vendors.

This allows you to find the best deals and potentially lower your expenses. Additionally, purchasing feed in bulk or utilizing a convenient feed delivery service are further options to explore for potential cost savings. While price is important, it’s not the sole consideration when selecting cattle feed. Alongside pricing, it’s crucial to ensure that the feed is suitable for the type of cattle you have.

Different breeds and purposes (such as beef cattle versus dairy cows) have distinct nutritional requirements. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a feed that meets the specific needs of your herd to promote optimal health and productivity. By considering both pricing and suitability, you can make informed decisions that benefit both your cattle and your budget.

Factors That Affect Cattle Feed Prices

Here are the top factors that affect cattle feed prices:

  • The price of grains: Since grains make up a considerable portion of cattle feed, their price has a big effect on the total cost of feed. Weather, crop yields, and worldwide demand are just a few of the variables that might have an impact on grain prices.
  • Feed prices can also be impacted by the cost of additional materials like hay, silage, and minerals, which are used to make feed for cattle. Weather patterns, crop yields, and transportation costs are just a few of the variables that might have an impact on the price of these ingredients.
  • Demand for cattle feed is impacted by some variables, such as the number of cattle present, the cost of beef, and the price of alternative protein-rich foods like soybeans.
  • Government policies: Government policies, such as taxes on imported feed ingredients or subsidies for grain production, can also have an impact on the cost of cow feed.
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Tips for Saving Money on Cattle Feed

The following advice will help you spend less on cattle feed:

  • Buy in bulk and plan: This will assist you in obtaining the greatest feed costs.
  • cultivate your forage: Your dependency on commercial feed will decrease as a result.
  • Use different feed sources: Alternative feed sources can be utilized as a replacement or in addition to regular feed in a variety of situations.
  • decrease waste: Reduce feed waste because it is a significant expense.
  • Obtain several estimates: Don’t just purchase feed from the first vendor you find. To get the greatest deal, request estimates from several suppliers.
  • Look around for bargains: For bulk orders or returning clients, several feed providers provide discounts.
  • Use a feed management system, if possible: You may track your feed expenses with the use of a feed management system and find areas for financial savings.

Cattle Feed Price List

Here are the cattle feed price list:

Feed Type Price per Bag (50 kg) Price per Kilogram
Starter Feed ₹1095 ₹21.90
Grower Feed ₹1213 ₹24.26
Finishing Feed ₹1141 ₹22.82
Pelleted Feed ₹1056 ₹21.12
Grazing Supplement ₹1100 ₹22.00
Milko 20 Balanced Cattle Feed ₹ 16 ₹ 800
Godrej Agrovet Milk More Cattle Feed ₹ 18 ₹ 900
Jai Ambay Trading Company Dairy Cattle Feed ₹ 30 ₹ 1500
United Agro Industries Mega Star Calf Starter Feed ₹ 1085 ₹ 54250
Ozvet Health Care Ranger 5000 Animal Feed ₹ 1200 ₹ 60000
S.K Minerals Technical Grade Urea ₹ 300 ₹ 15000
Farmer’s Pharma Private Limited Dugdh Sagar cattle feed ₹ 2250 ₹ 112500
Nedulix Biotech Private Limited Organic Cattle Feed Pellet for Better Milking ₹ 2100 ₹ 105000
SDA Product Paddy Husk Powder Cattle Feed ₹ 22 ₹ 1100
Krishak Samaj Cattle Feed ₹ 17 ₹ 850
Shriram Feeds Cattle Feed ₹ 19 ₹ 950
Navkar Cattle Feed ₹ 18 ₹ 900
Surana Cattle Feed ₹ 17 ₹ 850
Dhanuka Agritech Cattle Feed ₹ 19 ₹ 950
Balaji Feeds Cattle Feed ₹ 18 ₹ 900
Shree Balaji Oil Corporation 50 Kg Dhenuras Cattle Pellet Feed ₹ 900 ₹ 45000
Jeet Rai And Sons Cattle Feed Pellet ₹ 1450 ₹ 72500
Adarsh Feeds Cattle Feed ₹ 18 ₹ 900
Jai Kisan Cattle Feed ₹ 17 ₹ 850
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Ques.1) Do the costs of feeding cattle change over time?

Ans.1) Indeed, market conditions, changes in the cost of feed ingredients, seasonal variations in the availability of particular ingredients, and other economic factors can cause changes in the price of cow feed. To make wise judgments about buying cattle feed, it’s critical to keep up with the most recent market developments.

Ques.2) What elements affect the cost of cow feed?

Ans.2) The cost of raw ingredients, shipping costs, production techniques, market demand, and supply, as well as any additional additions or supplements added to the feed composition, can all have an impact on the price of cattle feed.


Cattle Feed can cost more or less based on a variety of variables, such as the feed’s kind, brand, and region. When making a purchase, it is crucial to evaluate rates offered by several vendors. When selecting a feed, you should also take your animals’ nutritional demands into account. You can get the greatest feed for your cattle at a cost you can afford by conducting your study.