Aqua Feed Supplement in India

Aqua Feed Supplement India

Aqua Feed Supplement in India – In today’s aquaculture scenario, feed alone won’t suffice quality and increased yield. Several factors end in lower yields such as high density, quality of water, quality of feed itself, and other environmental factors like temperature. Salinity, the dissolved oxygen content of the water. The water source itself might be a drag. Aside from the foregoing, a pandemic of infection, environmental situations such as rain, extreme heat, floods, entry of voracious fish, undesired algal bloom, etc. Also account for the loss of production. Here we’ve listed a variety of the favored Aqua Feed Supplement in India.

These factors cause several problems like stress in animals, underfeeding ( albeit the feed is given regularly ) resulting in low FCR. The utilization of antibiotics and chemicals though help alleviates the matter, could cause hepatotoxicity to the livestock resulting in production loss. To counter these problems and obtain an economically viable production, one must provide a proper feed supplement, which may look out of the general health of aquatic animals and provides them the strength to face up to and deal with the environmental changes, without affecting the expansion and minimizing the wastage of feed.

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Vertical expansion is that the ultimate answer because the scope for horizontal expansion is extremely limited. However, the vertical expansion of aquaculture practices with the introduction of diversified species and better stocking density has resulted in a more frequent incidence of disease outbreaks often resulting in higher morbidity and mass mortalities with the reduced overall production. In recent years, aquaculture has been unsympathetically transformed recognition to the common appearance of infection discharges frequently gratitude to increased culture system for immense economic gain.

Top List of Aqua Feed Supplement in India:

Here during this blog, we share cattle feed supplements. Several Aqua Feed Supplement have quite one name and, consequently, the same drug could even be listed quite once.

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Water and Soil Treatment Products: 

Water and soil treatment is that the prerequisite for pond preparation. Multiple elements are becoming applied in aquaculture lakes/hatcheries for mineralizing excess essential things, balancing pH, and disinfection. Traditionally, lime within the sort of limestone (CaCO3), calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), or un-slaked lime (CaO) was used for preparing the pond. A number of the innovative compositions are Eiffel, Geotox, Zeolite, Zeocare, Lime, Bio Aqua, Aquanone, Zeo prime, etc. That assists in fishpond development and water quality administration. Disinfection and sterilization of dried ponds also are done using active iodine or permanganate of potash.


Disinfectants are used extensively worldwide in several aspects of aquaculture. The best quantities are utilized in intensive culture, particularly in finfish and grow-out facilities. They’re utilized in site and equipment preparation, to take care of hygiene throughout the assembly cycle, and, in some cases, to treat disease. Bleaching, Belize, Aquakleen, BKC, EDTA, Efinol, Formalin, Water clear are the aqua medicines. All these are used for disinfecting ponds also as treating diseased conditions. The foremost commonly used agent for controlling the bacterial disease is BKC and extends stress resistance.

Piscicides and Herbicides: 

In aquaculture practices, eradication of unwanted predatory fishes may be a common pre-stocking management step. The foremost frequently used fish piscicides are mahua feed, tea seed cake, other plant derivatives, and anhydrous ammonium substances. Aquatic weeds are of common occurrence in fishponds within the country and are undesirable, as they pose serious problems by upsetting the oxygen balance and removing nutrients from the aquatic systems. Various pesticides such as algicides and herbicides are getting used in ponds to reduce/remove the amount of unwanted aquatic plants from the pond.

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Commonly Applied Therapeutants: 

Intensification has resulted in an incidence of several bacterial diseases in aquaculture resulting in the increased application of antimicrobials agents. Antibiotics are frequently administered for brief periods of your time as therapeutics to groups of infected fish. Various vaccines have also been developed and commercialized to be used in aquaculture against various bacterial and viral pathogens. Parasitic infestations are cosmopolitan in seafood which includes single-celled protozoan and multi-cellular trematodes, crus­taceans, and arthropods. However, there has been no official recommendation to be used of such products in aquaculture.

Anesthetics Used for Fish: 

Anesthetics are chemical or physical agents wont to calm animals and cause them to lose their mobility, equilibrium, consciousness progressively, and eventually their reflex action. In fisheries and aquaculture, anesthetics help reduce the strain caused by handling and transport. The utilization of anesthetics in aquaculture is especially within the long-distance transport of broodstock and fish seed.

Feed Additives: 

Advancement in aquaculture practices causes a serious shift from using supplementary fish feeds comprising of agricultural by-products to nutritionally balanced species-specific complete feeds. This balanced feed contains various additives within the sort of pigments, vitamins, chemo-attractants, and preservatives, same mold inhibitors, and antioxidants. Other additives, similar probiotics, prebiotics, phytogenics, and immune-stimulants target the development of intestinal health, stress, and disease resistance.

Growth Promoters for Fish: 

Various increase promoters are applied by the producers of India are Megavit Aqua, Aqua Boost, Aqua Savor, Vitamin premix, Fibosoel, Grow fast, Orgavit aqua, AQGrow-G, and lots of more. Aqua boost contains an immune stimulant that enhances non-specific immunity in fish. However, Immstim is one among the immunostimulants developed by the Central Institute of Brackish Water, ICAR, Govt. of India and has shown a big increase within the production at farmers filed.

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Probiotics used in Fish Farming: 

The common probiotics utilized in pond management are live bacterial culture (non-pathogenic organisms) and fermentation products rich in extracellular. Advantages of using probiotics in aquaculture ponds involve the enhanced breakdown of unadulterated matter; decrease in nitrogen and phosphorus applications. Also, Progut, Aquakure products are considered beneficial for the gut as environmental health, respectively.


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